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A1 Manipulators for Vacuum
Rotary Motion Feedthrough for Ultra-High Vacuum
Linear Motion Feedthrough for Ultra-High Vacuum
2-axis Rotary Motion Feedthrough for Ultra-High Vacuum
XY Manipulator for Ultra-High Vacuum
4-axis Manipulator for Ultra-High Vacuum
6-axis Manipulator for Ultra-High Vacuum
Made-to-order manipulators
A2 Vacuum flanges
CrN Surface-Treated Aluminum Alloy ICF Flange
NiP Surface-Treated Aluminum Alloy ICF Flange
Copper Alloy ICF Flange
ICF Flange Type 6-way Cross and Cube(Aluminum alloy)
ICF Flange Type 6-way Cross and Cube for Ultra-High and Extreme-High Vacuum(Copper alloy)
Gasket for ICF Flanges (use for Aluminum, copper alloy, stainless steel)
Bolts, Nuts and Washers for Mounting Aluminum Flanges
A3 Screws and Nuts for Vacuum
Screws and Nuts for Ultra-High Vacuum
Screws for Medium to Low Vacuum
Titanium Screws for Vacuum
Regular Titanium Screws
Ceramic Screws and Nuts
Screws and Nuts with Special Surface Treatment
Screws and Nuts Made of Special Materials
A4 Vacuum Equipment
SMART CLUSTER(Compact waferTransfer System)
Extreme-High Vacuum System
Vacunm-Baking System
A5 Other accessories
Viewing Port for Ultra-High Vacuum
Barium Fluoride Special Viewing Port
CCD Camera "Vacuum Eye"(TM) for Ultra-High Vacuum
Ultra-High Vacuum Stage
Mineral Insulated Cable for Vacuum
Fine Adjustment Positioning Unit for Ultra-High Vacuum
Wrenchless Nuts
Vacuum Crimp Terminals
Shutter Mechanism for Ultra-High Vacuum
Reflection High Energy Electron Diffraction Device(RHEED)
Concentric Spherical Analyzer
Electron Beam Source and Photoelectron Analyzer
Vacuum-Readiness Machining Services
Vacuum-Baking Services
Vacuum Analysis Services
Manual XY Slit
Automatic XY Slit for Atmosphere
Automatic XY Slit for Vacuum
XY Slit Mechanism for High Vacuum
4-axis Goniometer for Ultra-High Vacuum
5-axis Goniometer for High Vacuum
6-axis Goniometer for Ultra-High Vacuum
Higher Harmonic Elimination Mirror Adjuster
In-situ Polarized Light Total Reflection Fluorescent XAFS Instrument
Small-Angle dispersion camera
Wide-Angle/Small-Angle Concurrent Observation Structure Evaluation Apparatus
Tune Measuring Instrument
Vacuum Dispersion Chamber
Beam Profile Monitor
Accelerator Vacuum Beam-Ducts
Projection X-ray microscope
Gravity Measuring Device
Atomic Fountain Standards Instrument
Room-Temperature Bonder
RHEED Built-in Surface Analysis System
Vacuum Environment Test System
Manipulator for Electron Microscope
Ultra Low Temperature Stage
Mirror Manipulator for Laser Beams
Aluminum Alloy Chamber
Copper Alloy Chamber
Stainless Steel Alloy Chamber
FED Evaluation Equipment
C Optional Services
Vacuum-Baking Services
■ Vacuum-Baking is heat-treating chambers, parts, and assemblies in a vacuum to suppress possible Outgassing while they are in service.
■ Baking temperatures and times can be selected to suit the environment (Vacuum-Pressure) and materials sought by the customers.
■ The process is implemented in an Ultra-High Vacuum by using a baking chamber built of aluminum alloy so that the resultant sample surfaces are kept exceptionally clean.
■ Parts and assemblies can be annealed (straightened) concurrently with their Vacuum-Baking.
■ Parts and assemblies emerging from the process are sealed in a package with N2 gas injected for clean delivery to the customers.
■Vacuum-Baking System specifications
 Main chamber material  Aluminum alloy
 Heating temperature  MAX.700℃
 Temperature distributions  ±2℃ relative to the furnace temperature setting
 Ultimate Vacuum Pressure  2.6×10-7Pa
 Maximum sample size  300×300×250(mm)
■Tariff (typical)
   Baking time(Time maintained following temperature rises)
Up to 24 hours Up to 48 hours Up to 96 hours
Baking temperature Up to 300℃ ¥ 144.000 ¥ 192.000 ¥ 240.000
Up to 450℃ ¥ 192.000 ¥ 240.000 ¥ 288.000
Up to 600℃ ¥ 240.000 ¥ 288.000 ¥ 336.000
※ Vacuum gas expulsion may not work on your samples as they are furnished, because it requires keeping the inside of the chamber clean beforehand. The cleaning and other ancillary expenses will be quoted separately.
※ In addition to the dedicated chamber mentioned above, Vacuum-Baking System are available. Please inquire about other specifications.
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